My Story

On Eczema, Miracles and Not Giving Up.

How did I get healthier through Keto.

The doctor took a pen and started writing a prescription. “I’m sorry. There’s nothing you can do. It’s genetic, your dad has it. Use this cream”.

He paused, looked at my puzzled face, and handed the piece of paper. 

We shook hands. “Thank-you”.

I walked out of his clinic, got into my car and looked at my destroyed face in the mirror. It was swollen and covered in itchy rash. 

That was the first time I heard a doctor say to me “there is nothing you can do”.

Fast forward, over a decade later, I was still dealing with eczema. Sometimes the pain was so bad, it would wake me up. I tried covering up with expensive make up. And continue using medication and other creams. But nothing seemed to work.

My confidence was down. I gained a lot of weight to the point I became pre-diabetic. 

I was discouraged. I tried exercising and different diets until one day, I heared about Keto.

I had it all backwards. 

I had no idea that eating fat helps you lose weight. 

Eating a juicy steak, butter and bacon as part of a diet was incomprehensible. “How can that work? How can that even be healthy? What do you mean that eating fat helps you burn fat?”. Nothing made sense to me. 

I thought that in order to lose weight, I had to deprived myself. Eat small portions often. Exercise and keep calories down. Defenitely low fat. Probably whole grains. Granola, oatmeal, veggies and fruits, right? That’s what fitness gurus eat.

That belief got me exactly where I was. Discouraged, overweight and covered in eczema.

A miracle happened.

I realized that up to that point, I knew nothing. 

So, I decided to learn. And that was the beginning of my journey.

My goal was to lose weight. But something else happened: The eczema disappeared.

For the first time in over a decade my skin looked healthier than ever.

Once in a while, if I’m stressed, tired, or I have eaten processed foods, it might trigger it. But over all, it remains dormant.

I also lost weight.

We tend to measure things by external appearance. But what happened to my body inside, was beyond weight loss.

  • I’m no longer pre diabetic. 
  • I got rid of candida. 
  • My kidneys are stone free.
  • I healed my gut. 
  • My hormones came into balance. 
  • I gained energy. 
  • I’m no longer addicted to sugar.
  • Cravings are gone.
  • Anxiety is gone.
  • Depression is gone.

Any diet can help you lose weight. But not every diet will make you healthier. 

Keto will make you healthier and bring your body into alignment.

Don’t give up.

The worst thing was to lose my mother due to diabetes type2.

When I started Keto, I wanted to help her so bad. I shared everything I learned. Over and over. I became a nutritional coach. I read many books. I opened a channel in Spanish. I translated videos from doctors for her to watch. All because of her.

But everything I said entered one ear and left through the other.

I told her she could reverse it. I told her she could get rid of medication. I said, “mom, diabetes ruins organs one by one. It typically starts with eye sight and people wonder why they can’t see? And then, it goes down to kidney failure”.

Sadly, that’s exactly how she died. 

But there is hope for you

After my results I know it works.

You don’t need to rely on will power.

Remove useless preconceived knowledge. Understand that nature works perfect by design. The results speak for themselves.

Your body heals, if you provide what it needs. And remove what is harmful. 

I want to help people that want to be helped. 

I hope my testimony can reach many.

I hope it inspires you and gives you hope. 

Give yourself a chance.

Eat Keto. Put the right nutrition into your body and live life to the fullest.

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